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From: Arianna Lucci
Saturday, 30 May, 2009

Dear friend,

If you are interested in having youthful, glowing and radiant skin just like countless celebrities then this is going to be the most exciting Pure Skin Care message you ever read.

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Don't you want to steal their Essential Skin Care Secrets to revitalized skin that is SO radiant it seems to light-up the room?

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"I'm giving you the chance to BOOST your confidence, INCREASE your sex appeal and KNOCK years OFF the age of your skin... and it's all easy... IF you know HOW!"

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Where else could you find a more comprehensive Essential Skin Care manual on taking the utmost care of your skin and within 2-3 mins have it downloaded to your desktop, opened up and printed (it's much easier on the eyes to read from paper!).

Here's one wild, random example of the Pure Skin Care secrets that you'll be finding out today:

Have you ever wondered how countless celebrities sport smooth, soft skin year after year even when not wearing makeup?

If yes, then I urge you to consult page 43 for an exclusive “Reverse Aging” essential skin care seminar I prepared just for you.

In fact, it reveals the 7 indispensable pure skin care habits practiced by those of advanced age who have mysteriously avoided advanced skin aging!

(HINT: It’s NOT plastic surgery!)

You'll find out what those Secret Pure Skin Care habits are - and how you can copy them - as well as countless other nuggets of useful information that your skins complexion needs to thrive and glow.

Until then, you'll want to check this out...

"That was 1, tiny, example. Amaze yourself by taking a good look at this sneak preview of what you'll be learning soon in 'Youthful, Glowing and Radiant!"

Did you know that your skin is actually a fully-functioning organ just like the liver or kidneys? To discover how your skin performs 3 essential functions you can’t live without, turn to page 3, where I’ll also discuss how even the most minor problem can threaten its delicate composition!

You’re probably dying to discover that “special something” that seems to give those lucky few people unspeakably radiant, healthy skin, and if you turn to page 9, I’ll discuss how the physical composition of the skin’s layers is the “Critical Factor” that may be preventing YOU from sporting the SAME youthful appearance!

Every day that you age, the 3 processes described on page 11 “self-destruct” your skin’s most precious qualities -- find out the ONE skincare product purchased by millions of people that does absolutely NOTHING to stop this process, and discover how the 4 “Agents of Aging” revealed on page 12 can accelerate it to lightning speed!

Millions of people suffer from dry, unattractive complexions because they NEGLECT to take care of their skin from the “inside out,” and that’s because they haven’t discovered the 3 Vital & Essential Skin Care factors divulged on page 14 that are coveted for their Essential skin-softening properties…including a readily-available “Miracle Tonic” that has been christened the “fountain of youth” for Pure skin health!

The 2 common foods exposed on page 17 suck-up moisture -- the kind that keeps your skin soft and supple -- like a sponge in the desert…and they’re probably sitting in your fridge this very moment!

Discover how to “supercharge” your body’s own blood and oxygen supply to dramatically cleanse and heal your skin by doing the simple activity explained on page 21 that virtually ANYONE can do -- and it doesn’t cost a cent!

Don’t even THINK about buying one of the many skincare products sold at the store until you discover the truth about what happens to your skin when you rub-on any of the 18 ingredients exposed on page 25, and you won’t want to miss when I uncover the glaring flaw that makes certain cheaper brands totally worthless!

To revamp your skin and revive the smooth, radiant complexion of your teenage years, just open the pantry door! But don’t without page 32 on Homemade Skin Care in hand, where I’ll divulge expert info on utilizing common household items for homemade skin care to rejuvenate every blemish and wrinkle staring back in the mirror, including a gentle but potent substance that is probably in your medicine cabinet right NOW!

Travel back in time to harness the power of these 4 centuries-old, Natural Facial Mask Homemade Skin Care recipes on page 33 to vaporize ANY evidence the toll of years of stress may have left on your face -- after all, ages of dependence by the ancient civilizations of the world can’t be wrong! 

Dermatologists everywhere cringe every time I share the skin-reviving potential of the 2 “Visionary Vitamins” revealed on page 35 that are reputed for their vast skin moisturizing and skin structure-reinforcing abilities!

If you’re one of many acne sufferers who *thinks* that those ghastly red blemishes that never seem to go away are caused by dirt and oil, then you can’t afford to skip page 37, where I throw down the gauntlet and reveal the REAL culprit behind acne, as well as the often confused difference between blackheads and whiteheads!

I guarantee that you’ll read AT LEAST one of the 6 ingredients discussed on page 38 on the back of any acne-fighting essential skin care product -- educate yourself on the ones that truly wage war on acne…and avoid these select few ingredients, which do nothing but dry-up your skin and wallet, like the PLAGUE! 

Whatever you do, DON’T fall into the trap many unsuspecting acne sufferers have by making the mistakes described on page 40 that feed acne like wood in a raging fire!

The 10 moisturizers, toners, and cleansers featured on page 41 are totally natural pure skin care products and clinically proven to power-wash acne-nurturing substances right off your face -- discover how they can zap YOUR acne in a flash!

If you’ve ever wondered how countless celebrities sport smooth, soft skin year after year even when not wearing makeup, then consult page 43 for an exclusive “Reverse Aging” seminar that reveals the 7 indispensable Essential Skin Care habits practiced by those of advanced age who have mysteriously avoided advanced aging! (HINT: It’s NOT plastic surgery!) 

So many people have dry, leathery faces because they grind their faces with soaps that should NEVER touch the face, but if you flip to page 48, I’ll reveal the 3 Pure Skin Care products specially formulated to gently pamper your face clean!

If there ever was a “Bible” for washing the face, page 50 would be the first page -- where I’ll establish the “Essential Skin Care Cleaning Commandments” of proper face-washing methods and techniques that should NEVER be broken!

Fueled by the multi-billion dollar skincare industry and greedy dermatologists everywhere, the “7 Myths of Proper Skincare” exposed and demolished on page 53 are not only just plain false -- they’re also harmful to skin and can make existing conditions even WORSE!

The executives of the lucrative skincare industry will blow their tops if they ever get a hold of page 58, where I begin spilling my “10 Steps to Stunning Skin,” an easy-to-follow guide that takes the guesswork out of developing dramatically healthier skin and leaves the simple steps that are all you have to take for jealousy-inducing skin

"...and that barely covers all the topics covered inside your very own copy of

"Youthful, Glowing and Radiant!"

In fact, to be quite honest, I would'nt even be able to fit a summary (of all the topics in the book) on this page.

So even if I wanted to, It would not be possible.

That demonstrates the sheer volume of information in the instantly downloadable Essential Pure Skin Care manual that you are just minutes, if not seconds away from acquiring.

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"But since you are this serious... allow me to expose the naked, hard truth for all to see: Your skin is NOT going to improve on its own!"


No matter how many expensive rip-off skin care products you rub on your face or how many pills you swallow, that dry, ‘desert landscape‘ will never become the oasis of moisture and softness you desire.

Are you really willing to spend one more week, month, or even 10 more years accepting what the mirror shows?

Damn right you're not!

I suggest you take action immediately - because at a price of just $37 we can never be sure how much uproar will be caused in the skincare industry.

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